5 Tips to Start a Buy-To-Let Property Investment Business
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In this video, UK leading property investment expert Samuel Leeds shows you how you can easily start a buy to let business of your own, investing in property for profit. Watch as Samuel reveals the top 5 tips you need to start you own buy to let UK investment property business.

0:38 – Set your business plan/goal
2:24 – Build your power team
3:16 – View lots of properties
4:45 – Get business cards, flyers and a website
6:31 – Get the training and education

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Property investment can be so complicated. They can be really difficult for beginners to know where to start. So today I want to provide some tips for property investment in Australia for beginners.

When you are a beginner in the property space it can be completely overwhelming. There are so many different strategies that you need to look at. So many different ways to invest. So many different areas that you can invest in. And even researching an area and trying to work if it’s going to be a good investment feel so hazy and it feels like putting a hundred thousand dollars on red at the Casino. It’s just so difficult to know exactly where to get started and how to get down this road that is property investing. So today I just wanted to give you 10 different tips if you are a beginner to help me down this property investing journey and I guess to give you some sort of framework that you can work with.

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