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Kevin Ward is a real estate coach, speaker, and trainer at YESMasters.com and #1 Bestselling author of “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide.”


1. Start over at zero every day…which causes a scarcity mentality…constantly chasing the next deal.
2. Marketing plans don’t sell houses, but sellers want marketing plans, so we have to give them what they want.
1. TRUTH: Sellers want results, not B.S. hype.
3. You only want to talk to people who want to buy or sell today.
1. If someone won’t give you an appointment after 3 conversations, throw them in the trash.
2. TRUTH: Having a great system allows you to build a relationship with people who aren’t ready to sell yet.
4. The riches are in the niches.
1. TRUTH: The riches are in delivering results and getting paid for it.
5. Everything is changing in real estate, so you have to constantly be changing.
1. TRUTH: Things do change, but the three main elements of real estate (Sellers, Buyers, & real estate) are essentially the same.

RELATIONSHIPS are the key.

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