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How to invest in New Zealand property market in 2020

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2019 has been a flat year for the real estate market – but what the trends are for the New Zealand property market in 2020? What are the best New Zealand property investment strategy for 2020?

Our guest expert in property investment, Gary Lin, shares his professional forecast on New Zealand property market in 2020 and his property investment strategies, so that with the right mind-set and strategies, you can climb onto the property ladder and achieve financial freedom.

Video Timeline
1. New Zealand property market forecast 2020 — 02:15

Based on the 2019 state of New Zealand’s property market, Gary expects 2020 to be a lifting year in New Zealand property market and median house prices to rise by 5% or 10%.

2. New Zealand property investment strategies for 2020 — 04:48

Rule 1: Invest in the big cities in New Zealand, rather than in small towns.
Compared to invest in small towns, investing in big cities, such as Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch and Wellington will bring you more solid capital growth.

Ruel 2: Buy investment properties that have a good cash flow
Implementing the cash flow strategy, investors receive a weekly income from their investment property and have cash in their pockets to cover their regular property expenses. This strategy helps you minimize the cash flow risks, which becomes crucial when building your property portfolio.

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In this video Ranjan explains the advantages in buy to let property investment with commercial property instead of residential property.

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10 Common Property Investment Mistakes New Investors Make In Today's Buy To Let UK Property Market

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Today let me share the 10 BIGGEST Property Investing Mistakes that new property investors tend to make when just starting out.

Investing in buy to let uk based property investment for beginners has its challenges but you don’t need to make the same mistakes over and over again and so here are my top 10!



1. Not knowing your investment objectives before you start investing. Are you looking for cash flow, long term capital growth or both? You need to decide what your investment objectives are before buying investment property, number one, and you then look for properties that align with that investment objective.

2. Waiting for the perfect property to come along. I am so guilty of this, that’s what I started to do when I first started out.

3. Don’t become a motivated buyer. By this, what I mean is sometimes people have a lump of money in the bank and they’re eager to bu ANYTHING frankly! Having the money in the bank is wonderful, it gives you an opportunity to go out there and take lots of action and find a really good property – THEN do the deal. Don’t think that you’ve got to spend that money TODAY.

4. Letting emotions overrule investment logic. I think that what you should be doing is using investment logic to decide whether you should buy that particular property. What do the numbers look like is the big thing of course. Also, look for other factors as well and I’ve done videos on this kind of thing. Buy for investment logical reasons rather than emotion.

5. Doing insufficient due diligence. What you should be doing initially is doing loads of due diligence BEFORE jumping in and putting your money on the line.

6. Not getting appropriate financial advice. You should have a competent tax adviser on your power team, together with an Accountant AND “Independent Mortgage Broker

7. Paying too much. Just because an Estate Agent is advertising a property for a certain price DOESN’T mean that’s what it’s worth! Work out what the deal is actually worth for you – based on your experience. That’s what you should be paying and no more.

8. Underestimating refurbishment costs. When you do property number one or two, let’s be honest, you’re probably going to overpay for some of the refurbishment costs but note down all of the costs, all of your expenses in property number one and two and three. Each time you do that next property, you can go back over those costs and say, “Actually, what did it cost me to build that acoustic wall? What did that on suite bathroom actually cost me? Let me look back at my figures.”

9. Keeping up to date with rent rises. Now, I know that’s a bit of an odd one but when you start to build a bit of a portfolio and you’ve got a few properties and maybe you’ve had them for a few years, what you’ll realise is that sometimes tenants keep very, very quiet because they know they’re paying less than the market rent. They don’t want to bother you. They might not want to bother you because they’re simply lovely people, that’s absolutely wonderful, but sometimes tenants look at the market rent around them and they’re aware that actually they’re underpaying slightly so they keep very, very quiet.

10. Lastly… Investing for the long term. I personally think lots of people are making short term decisions when they’re building their property portfolio. Where I now come from is I look at a property and I think to myself, “Do I actually want to keep that property forever?” If the answer’s yes then that’s a really big tick in my book and then I will probably be buying that property.

I hope you found this one helpful.

All the very best… Tony Law – Your First Four Houses
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This video sets out the UK Property Investment opportunities for anyone looking at property investing in the UK. Whether you are looking to start investing in property UK, just beginning your property journey in 2020 or a seasoned property investment professional ;looking for tips and pointers on what lies ahead, this video is a must watch.

In this video Matthew Siddell, founder of Qandor Club and Ranjan Bhattacharya host of the Baker Street Property Meet, share their thoughts on property investment opportunities and property investing in 2020.

Catch up with Ranjan and 200+ property investors each month at the Baker Street Property Meet, the UK’s largest property investors networking event. Visit: www.BakerStreetPropertyMeet for details of our next event.

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How To Build A Successful Commercial Property Portfolio – Workshop

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